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Lord Voldermort

Let's Get it Started....... NC-17;)


The other night when I said I would be back, something came up.  I'm sure you understand such things will happen from time to time.  Use this port key to come to me, and I'll explain things in person. 

I will be waiting for your return,

Lord Voldermort

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I has sitting on the sofa when the owl flew into the room. It was the purest black owl I had seen in my life. Looking at it I knew who the post was from before even taking the letter into my hand. I look around to make sure Lav was still in the other room before opening it.

There was a black rose attached to the letter. I looked at it oddly before reading the letter. I read it quickly, my heart pounding. Tom wished to see me. From the look of the letter sooner then later.

I take the rose to the bathroom and close the door. I hold it close to me and close my eyes. I soon feel the pull that only comes from when a portkey is transporting you to it's destination.

I open my eyes and see I am in a big dark room. When I look around I see Tom is moving toward me. I kneel to him, "You wished to see me, my lord."
I sit in the dark looking out the window. "where the hell is she" I think to myself still waiting for Ginerva to appear. Hearing my pets in the room I glare at them as I say "Do to Mr Malfoy, and Mr Wood.... do not do anything to them..... just watch and report your findings back to me". When they scamper off I stand up and begin pacing the room. Out of the corner of my eye I see Ginerva appear, so I begin to walk up to her. "Such a loyal servant" I think as she immedeatly kneels before me. My cold eyes just glare her up and down and I say "Its about fucking time you showed up..... next time when I send for you I expect you here faster". Reaching down grasping her throat I make her raise to her feet pulling her closer and whisper "understand".
I look into his eyes. I feel chills run threw my body. Not from fear. No I hadn't feared him for a long time. The chills was from the power I saw with in him.

"I came as fast as I could. I swear it. Lav was in the other room. I couldn't let her see me leave. I couldn't let our secret come out."
Hearing her explination I realized she was right, but I didn't want her to know that and said "ok fine.... whatever.... your here now". I look into her eyes with my cold eyes then give her a kiss.
His kiss warmed me. How I had longed for his burning touch once more. The night of our initiation, the night he had burned the dark mark into my ivory skin. Marking me as more then just a follower but as his as well. That night he had left me cold, longing, and needing his touch.

I wrap my arms around him, pressing my now burning body against him. He once more freed the fire with in me.
Feeling her body press against mine made me want to take her even more than before, but with a pressing issue on my mind I couldn't think of doing anything till I just blurted it out.

I pull away a little getting a scowl on my face and say "I am not happy about this.... this so called wedding of Mr. Malfoy, and Mr. Wood... I don't want it happening"
I nod, a bit surprised at not only the subject but the seriousness in his voice about this. Why would something so simple as Oliver and Draco getting married be such a concern. But I did not question my load. It was not my place to question him. My place was beside him. My place was to serve him with all of my being.

I knew by the way he had said it he wished that I be the one to stop the wedding from taking place. It warmed me more to know he chose me to carry out such a task.

"What is it you wish for me to do about it Tom?"
With an evil smile I laugh a little and say "I want you to make Draco realize his love for Pansy.... after all they are still married and have children.... I want that to be the wedge that stops this wedding".
"As you wish my love," I say bowing my head.

I then look back into his eyes. I reach up and cup his cheek within my small hand. All doubts of what I was doing melted away. I love him. I was ment to be his and no others. To serve him like no one else could.

I take in a deep breath, "Why did you leave me that night Tom? You promised to be back. I know I shouldn't question...but you did say in your letter that you would explain."
I stare into her eyes as she cups my cheek showing no emotion. "I had to take care of something important.... I got caught up with it, and before I realized it was too late"
I remove my hand from his cheek. "I understand." I look down to the floor not sure how I should tell him this. He might even already know. Seeing as how he seemed to know everything else about me. I would not be shocked if he did know.

"Tom...I need to tell you something." I take a step back as I look back up at him. Even if he knew this was not going to be easy. Because I didn't know how he was going to react.

"Ever since that night, when we sealed our engagement. I have been unwell. I...I am sure that...I'm pregnant." I say my eyes locked on his, continuing to keep my hold on my emotions. My face never once betraying what I felt deep down.
I crack a small smile, but it slowly fades away. "I already knew that Ginerva, I was testing you to see how long it would take to tell me"

Running my fingers through her hair I look into her eyes "it just means we will have to speed up our own wedding plans"
Those words made my heart leap. "Our own wedding plans" Just the thought made me melt inside. I tun my head and kiss the palm of his hand.

"Then I can be yours forever. No one else's."
I take her hands into mine pulling her in closer for a kiss. I part the kiss was I bite gently dragging my teeth along her bottom lip and whisper "that's right.... you are no one else's.... just mine... I want you to remember that love". Then I begin to kiss her neck.
I tilt my head back to allow him easier access to my neck. "Pretty soon I will be more then just a lover," I whisper leaning into his arms.

This was my place, my heaven and hell, my home with in his arms. He was my revelation and damnation. He was everything evil, but everything good in my life as well.

I was his. I was always his. From the moment he touched my mind. I should of known then I belonged to him and only him.
I continue to kiss her neck, then push off her robe letting it fall to the floor. Wrapping my arms around her I pick her up leading over to the bed, and laied her down. Slowly I begin to unbutton Ginerva shirt, kissing down her neck, to her chest.
"Mmmm," I moan as my body arches up into his kisses. His body felt so good against mine. I longed so much for his touch. To be possessed by him like no one else can.

"Oh Tom," I moan as he slides the straps of my bra down, and expose my breast to the cold air around us. My nipples going even more hard then before.
I look at her hard nipples, and that just makes me want her even more. I lean down and begin to move my tounge around each nipple, then I begin to bite and pull at them with my teeth.
"Ahhhh..." I moan as the pain washes over my body. Freeing pain. He was the only one that could make me feel the world so. I welcomed it fully by wrapping my arms around him. Showing him I longed for more.
I sit up a litle bit taking my robe, and shirt off throwing it to the floor, then go right back into biting at her nipples with my teeth. I take my biting down her chest, to her stomach, as my hands undo her pants pulling them off also throwing them to the floor. Slowly I spread her legs and lean down moving my tounge aournd her clitorous, then I go itno nibbling at it.
I moan loudly, arching my back into the bliss his mouth was bringing me. I snake my hands threw his hair, and down to his shoulders.

Once my fingers touch his skin, my finger nails sank into his flesh. I knew I would pay for leaving marks on him. For making him bleed. Maybe not this time, but I knew it would come. He would not forget to leave marks of his own on my once flawless skin. Scared now with his claims, his markings branding me his.

I begin crying out incoherently as I neared my first of many I was sure orgasm. "MY LORD...AHHH...MY LOVE...OH GODS...YESSSS...TAKE ME!!! TAKE WHAT IS YOURS...WHAT HAS ALWAYS BEEN YOURS!"
I begin to nibble harder as I feel finger nails dig deep into me. As I feel her orgasm hit I begin to suck hard and long, to make it last longer. When it was over I look up into her eyes as I remove the rest of my clothes, then I take my hands and pin her arms down. Continuing to look deep into her eyes I feel something I thought was lost, but it was small so I push it away, as I thrust into Ginerva.
I look up at my Tom as he thrust into me. Moaning out when I am filled with his hard member once more.

I had thought I saw something in those eyes. Something so unexpected, that I was sure my own eyes and feelings were just playing tricks on me. It was a small glimmer, and left as quickly as it came. I decided not to ponder on it.

"My Lord...my...Tom," I moan as I thrust my hips up meeting his own thrust into me.
Feeling her thrusting to meet my own, I release her wrists, and grab onto her hips to make myself go even deeper and harder into her.

"Ohhh Ginerva you feel so good" I moan out as I continue to thrust deeper, harder and faster.