ow_notjustajock (ow_notjustajock) wrote in theforbiddenone,

A Nice Day For A White Wedding

I woke up alone in my bed. Naked. Draco had spent the night at the Malfoy Manor. he was being superstitious about this wedding thing and had promised me that he and I wouldn't see eachother before the ceremony. I layed in bed for a long time. Thinking. I was actually going to do this, wasn't I? I was really going to marry Draco.

The house was a flutter with house elves reading the garden for the sunset service. I pulled on a white dressing gown, and pulled on a pair of slippers and went down stairs to see how things were progressing...

The house was lovely. White roses by the bucket full lined the hallway as they were brought out into the garden.

"Cup of tea, sir?" Asked a small feminine house elf that looked almost like a chilluaha. "Yes, Please..." I whispered and she hurried into the kitchen. I followed in aww.

The house was perfect. Just like my Draco. With my cup of tea, I entered the fresh air, a chill raising goose pimples up my back.

"I wish..."

"What?" came the voice behind me.
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