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The Wedding...

There had been no sign of Ginny, or her lover all day long. Everything had been simple, lovely, and charming. I had passed a lierserly afternoon thinking of Draco...once or twice I had started getting very randy thinking of Draco...but had managed to retain myself from self pleasure. Tonight would be the night that Draco and I finally gave ourselves to eachother, completely.

I was now dressed in a white suit, with an ivory robe opened over it. I looked...like a groom. There was a tear in my eye. I deserved...no, WE, Draco and I, deserved this.

THe wedding march began and I took my place at the altar...my father's brother Kieren was officiating the ceremony. Draco and I had written our own vows and now...it was about to come.

I look out amongst the guests...friends, some family...faculty from the school...students. This was really happening. I was going to make Draco mine.

The music rises to a charming crecendo and... Nothing.

Where is he? This should be when he enters. I smile softly. Just like guy. Make it dramatic.

"Come on Draco..." I whisper to him...


Minutes later...still nothing. I close my eyes and offer a blessing to Merlin..."Bring him to me."
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