damn_hot_lav (damn_hot_lav) wrote in theforbiddenone,

Death Eaters? Ginny? Oliver? Voldemort himself? Anyone wanna come out and play.....??

I smiled down at Elizabeth as I put her in her bassinet. I looked over to Emma, a third year that would take care of her for the night.

I'll be gone for most of the night.....if anyone asks where I am, please answer that I'm in the library. Other then that...enjoy yourself, you can help yourself to anything you like around here.

I looked around the room for a moment, muttered a protection spell and then took Emma's hand and squeezed. I left my imprint on her skin, not visible to anyone but me....she wouldn't be able to hurt Elizabeth and would not be able to help anyone hurt her. I couldn't be careful enough lately....not since that dream. Not since.....then. I picked swished my cloak over my shoulders, kissed Elizabeth goodbye and left without another word. I could be gone more then I had told Emma.....but I had to see if I was right with my assumptions.

I found myself on the grounds of Hogwarts and ran as fast as I could to the property line.....I apperated. A huge risk considering I wasn't practiced and could definatly be splinched. I found myself in a small town, all the lights were dim and completely uninviting. I checked each of my limbs, my fingers and wiggled my toes....not splinched. Good. I walked to the tavern and sat down near a grime covered window.

'Who would come to my aid? Death Eaters beware.....I know your here...come out and play!!' I thought to myself as I looked around at the suspicious characters.
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