Hermione Granger (h_granger1) wrote in theforbiddenone,
Hermione Granger


I step out of the common room hastily. I don't know why, but I've been plagued by nightmares lately, not a good sign. I walk down the darken hallways of Hogwarts. At this late hour, it was most likely that no one was out, but I couldn't take a chance of getting caught by a teacher, or Flich. I approach the closest prefect bathroom before whispering the password. I trip through the doorway, and suddenly everything is becoming blurry. I pull all my energy in and finally stumbles towards the sinks. Turning on the taps, I let the ice cold water flow for a few seconds before splashing my face and shivering. I touch the mirror lightly, staring at my reflection in the mirror. Is this wrecked, and distressed girl really me? A noise behinds catches me off guard, and I slip onto the floor this time, too afraid to turn around.
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