Draco Malfoy (devilishlydraco) wrote in theforbiddenone,
Draco Malfoy

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I arrive to the house Oliver and I use to share. To only find it empty. I look around and see it was still decorated for the wedding. I sigh feeling my heart drop. Oliver must of taken my note hard. That I was sure of. But I would of thought he would of at least of showed to give me the ear full I knew I was in for.

I look around the house to make sure he wasn't hiding with in it some where. No luck. I sit on the back porch, and take up a discarded Lilly. I begin to look at it wishing I knew where Oliver was. I sure hoped he was okay. I was worried that I had no clue as to where he was right now. I didn't want to leave to look for him. Sure that once I did he would show up.

So I just sit there, hoping for his return.
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