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Pansy, Come Out For Tea

Mrs. Pansy Malfoy

It would please me greatly if you and I could have a chat...

Would you please meet me for tea at the Silver Cauldron Cafe today at 3:00 pm.

-Prof. Wood.

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Prof. Wood,

Not a problem.

Pansy E. Parkinson Malfoy
I sit alone in the Silver Cauldron Cafe. In front of me I have a cup of tea served in a lovely china cup. This place is rather high class and I thought would be appropriate for Ms. Parkinson--I catch myself, Mrs. Malfoy, I think--and I to talk. Too many noteable faces to cause a scene. I sit. And wait.
alchemist and Brin friends

I watch as Pansy gets ready to meet Oliver for his request of tea. Something just didn't settle right with me about this.

As she is give me the instructions on the twins schedule. I take a hold of her by the shoulders. I look into her eyes, I was sure my own were pleading with her once more. "Pansy...I...I really wish you would reconsider this. Please, I am just worried about you. I can't bare it if something...were to happen."
"Draco, I will be fine. Silver Cauldron has far too many people for him to pull something."

I turn & pull my light jacket out from the closet & see a hair on it. "Draco did you-" I stopped & remembered it was from the night I had seen Hermione Granger in the bathroom.

"How do you feel about the polyjuice potion?"
I look at her oddly. "What is your mind ploting Pansy?"
I smile as I see him. I raise a hand & wave. I move through the crowd & smile as the waiter pulls my chair out. I smooth hand him my coat & sit down. "Professor Wood" I say & nod.
"Ms. Malfoy." I say, formerally standing as she takes her seat.

"What can the waiter get for you?" I say with a smile.
"Water." I smile up at the water. As he walks away I turn back to Oliver.

"& what is it you wished to talk about?"
I smile cooly.

"Malfoy through and through, aren't you? Cut right to the chase."

I sip my tea and take a bit out of a cucumber sandwich.

"I just need you to know, I never intended to ... I don't know...what's the word?..."
"Yes, I do have two young children." I cross my legs & take a sip of my water.

"No." I smile softly. "I didn't steal Draco. He's not a diamond. He's a person. You don't steal people...not unless your Voldermort, and even then, he'd rather kill them then steal them."

I move the plate out of the way.

"Draco was..." I catch myself..."IS, a very important part of who I am. Who I have become. I didn't set out to ruin your life. I didn't set out for any of this."
"You did steal him, but thats besides the point." I bit my lip.

"I know how you feel. & as bad as you feel, imagine, being pregnant with twins. Imagine being talked about because you are a pregnant witch & then a pregnant withc who's husband left her for a Professor. I'm sorry Oliver, but I lost him once,and I will not loose him again."
"He's all I have Pansy."

I let a tear out. Just one.

"I have no mother. No friends. No family. I am alone. Draco was and is all that is left of who I am and what I was to become."

I turn and reach for something out of my cloak pocket.
"& What of my children? They don't need the ridicule I recieved. I have my children & Draco. My Mother is dying."

I watch as he reaches into his cloak. I grip my wand tightly in my lap.
I retrieve a small pouch in velvet.

"I know Pansy. I know. And I am sorry. But at least you have the twins. And Draco."

I open the pouch and pull out a small pocket watch, a boy's pocket watch. I reach back into the pouch and pull out a small gold chain with a locket on the end of it.

I look at them and then at her. She is about to speak, but I stop her.

"The day you told me that you were allowing the twins to be apart of my life with Draco was one of the two greatest moments of my life. It meant I would have 'family'." I smile sadly looking down at the trinkets. "These are family heirlooms. I have no family. Nor will I. I want the twins to have these. The watch was the only thing my father left me before he left my mother and myself. The locket belonged to my mother. I want the twin's to have them. I want them to know that once upon time, there was a man who loved them, and their father. A man who adored their mother for being brave and corageious enough to offer him the opportunity to be apart of their lives. A lonely man, who when they were around, suddenly wasn't so lonely. A man named, Oliver. Please."
"Oliver..I.." I accept them & nod.

"You are still apart of their lives, I never asked you to stop seeing them."
"I won't be alive long enough to know them."

I stand and lay some coins on the table.

"You are a class act Pansy. Tell Draco I'm sorry."

I walk out the door.
"I"ll do that."

I finish my drink & lay a few more coins & go after him.

"What do you mean? You won't be alive long enough?"
"I'll be dead, by the time they know who I am."

I look at her, smile...and Apparate out. Leaving her alone in the street.
I run up, still in the form of Hermione. I had taken the polyjuice potion using her hair. I had tagged along in the shadows keeping an eye on Pansy.

I didn't trust Oliver to not do something rash after the last time we talked. So we had come up with a back up plain.

I stand next to her, "He is planing on getting himself killed."
"I know he is." I turn to kiss him & laugh. "Let's go love.."
I wrap my arms around her, "Yes, lets get back to the twins."
"Ummm...right. Sorry not so used to this...girl thing." I say softly as I remove my arms.