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I was softly humming to myself as I was making dinner for my husband and myself. I sigh as my gaze goes to my finger. The one that held my band on it.

Husband and Wife...

Severus Snape was my husband now. I was his wife. I was Mrs. Destiny Snape. The thought still made my stomach flitter. Even after a week it still made me blush to know I was his.

After all this time the Gods seemed to be smiling on me. For the first time in my life things were going well. I was happy. I had a family that loved me. He loved me. The man I dreamed and fantasied about was now my husband.

I turned my attention back to cooking. I was making something special. It was our first real day back home, and I wanted it to be one he wouldn't forget.

I turned around to get something. It was then without warning darkness took over me, and I fell to the floor.
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