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The Forbidden Ones

We go where no one else dares

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Text written by lady_destiny, and banner created by anunseengenius.


The Forbidden Ones is a Harry Potter Livejournal Roleplay community. Live RP scenes can be conducted on MSN Messenger or Yahoo! according the availability of individual members. This community is a slash and a het community.


1) You must be 15 years or older to participate. This is for obvious reasons.

2) In order to keep this RPG alive and running, you are required to post or comment at least once per week to the community theforbiddenone or ooc_tfo. If you are unable to do this (I realize people have lives), you MUST contact a mod either through an email or a comment in the community ooc_tfo. I will warn you the first time. Second time I will delete you from the community.

3) If you feel you must leave this community, post a goodbye in ooc_tfo.

4) Please keep all fighting in-character. If you have a problem with another player, avoid taking matters into your own hands and come directly to one of the Mods. We will do our best to try and solve the problem.

5) Please do not post out-of-character in theforbiddenone. Save those for ooc_tfo. If you post OOC in theforbiddenone, the Mods will delete it immediately. Try to keep OOC comments to a minimum in RP scenes.

6) No killing of characters

7) Please stay as in-character as possible. I realize that as the characters grow older, they change and develop, but do not over-exaggerate this. Meaning, Hermione doesn’t suddenly come back from summer vacation and loses interest in studying and develops a crush on Draco. Something acceptable would be Harry is suddenly anti-social due to recent events and refuses to talk to anybody and just stays up in his room. Eventually, this will have to change, but you understand. If you are applying for a character, please write the initals 'TFO_04' in the area titled 'Read The Rules?', so we know you have read the rules.

8) Introduction of magical items/creatures should be checked first with one of the Mods. If you are unsure what might be considered a magical item/creature might be, don't hesitate to ask. Timeturners, aging potions, werewolves, vampires, dementors, etc. could change the direction of the Role-Play, so please check with a Mod before using them.

8) Respect all the players and Mods. Be nice. After all, this is only a game, correct?


During the summer of 1997, a rather innocent party hosted by Susan Bones, was occuring and it was lively. But then a mysterious man snuck in though the doors and appeared to Ms. Bones and she fainted. This started the attacks that are now slowly unfolding.

On Sept 8th, the local newpaper reported 'three muggle's found in their homes killed with the Unforgiveable Curses'. Even though the wizard who did the crime was never found, all know who did it; He-who-shall-not-be-named. How do we know? The muggle's who were killed were the Dursleys.

Only a few months ago now, a Gryffndor was reported to give birth from an unknown father to two healthy babies; but one did not survive. Or did he? Only you know that Voldermort raped Ms. Brown all those months ago and now he has kidnapped his future heir.

A ball occured in which a Mr. George Weasley stabbed his own sister for a reason still unknown. He has not been sighted since that night and many lives since that night have been forever changed; one of course is named Harry Potter.

Come join us in a devilshly fun Roleplaying game where lives are changed and can never be the same.

The Forbidden Ones
We go where no one else DARES

You may apply for any character that has not already been taken. Send your application to this email tonygotfatonburgersandfries@yahoo.com and longed4@hotmail.com

Please put in the subject line APPLICATION. If you do not you risk the possibility of it getting deleted. We'll get back to you as soon as possible. Only apply for one character per email.
For now, only canon characters will be accepted (OR ANY LEXICON character.)

Note: These are people we are in real need of(just to give you an idea of who to apply for): Albus Dumbledore, Harry Potter, Lucius Malfoy, Steward Ackerly, Miles Bletchy, Elenor Cauldwell, Roger Davies, Tracey Davis, Justin Finch-Fletchly, Seamus Finnigan, Marcus Flint, Wayne Hopkins, Luna Lovegood, Alica Spinnet, Ronald Weasley and many, many more!

Personal journal:
AIM/Y!M/MSN Screenname:
Previous experience (if any -- LINKS please!):
How you found this RPG:
Read the Rules?

Age & Birthdate:
Personality (25-word description at least, please.):
Plans for your character (Relationships, future, etc.):
Sample journal entry (At least 100 words, please.):
Sample RP (At least 200 words, please. This is where you really show us your writing ability, so be descriptive and thorough.):


|*| Lavender Brown (6th, DA)
|* Hermione Granger (6th, DA)
|*| Ginny Weasley (5th, DA)


|*| Cho Chang (7th, DA)

|*| Draco Malfoy (6th)
|*| Pansy Parkinson (6th, P)

|*| Fleur Delacour

Daily Prophet Staff
|*|Rita Skeeter

Death Eaters
|*| Bellatrix Lestrange (DE)

|*| Dr. Destiny

Evil Dark Lord
|*| Lord Voldermort

Hogwarts Staff
|*| Sirius Black (Ancient Runes, O)
|*| Albus Dumbledore (Head Teacher of Hogwarts)
|*| Severus Snape (Potions, Head of Slytherin, DE,O)
|*| Oliver Wood (Flying, Quidditch Referee)

The Mods
(Rachel), Moderator of Applications and the OOC Community, ooc_tfo
Moderator 1
MSN Messenger: choochoochelly@yahoo.com
E-mail: tonygotfatonburgersandfries@yahoo.com

( Desi ), 2nd Moderator of Applications, and Complaints/ Comments,
Moderator 2
E-mail/ MSN Messenger:longed4@hotmail.com

( Ash ), Moderator of Advertising
Moderator 3
E-mail/ MSN Messenger:myeyesburn8804@gmail.com

If anyone has any questions, please contact Desi at longed4@hotmail.com. We'd love to hear from you.