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I am posting this here as well so that everyone sees it.


I know that things have been hard, and that the RP has gone down hill since so many have left us. I am hoping to fix that. I would LOVE to see this RP to once again become active. We have so many good plots going on right now. I may even be getting us another Voldie. *I have been talking to some of my RP friends trying to get them to join*

So this is what I am doing now.

All that are still here please comment here. Tell me your name, and the character(s) you play. I need to just see who is still here. If you wish to take on someone else please put that in your comment as well. All the help you can give is much appreciated.

Also we are in need of a third MOD. This is the MOD position that Abby was in charge of. Which was advertising. As all can see we are in need of this badly. I am no good at it, or I would take it on. LOL. Anyone interested please say so here or e-mail me at

Thank you all for hanging in there with all that has happened and staying with the RP. You guys are the best. Now lets work together to make it great once more!

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