ow_notjustajock (ow_notjustajock) wrote in theforbiddenone,

After a Long Absense.

Oliver walked up the staircase in Hogwarts...tomarrow would be the day he and Draco finally joined together. Pledged their life to the other.

It was all too much to think about. He wanted to make him happy. He wanted to be happy. But there was something in the air. Something that was unsettling to him. He couldn't place his finger on it. There were house elves running up down at The Hollow making final preparations for tomarrow's sunset service. he just needed to get away from it. So he sought comfort in the Astronomy Tower and it's solitude.

"What if...?" he pondered. The night air chilling him.

"What if he...?"

"What if he what?" said a voice from behind him.
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